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Ofsted plays an important role in improving education across our country. We recognise the importance of their safeguarding, regulatory and inspection work in providing assurance to parents that schools are offering a good quality education.

We want all our schools to provide an education that helps children live ‘life in all its fullness’. We also want them to focus on developments which are right for their unique context and the particular needs of their cohorts, rather than ‘do things for Ofsted’. However, we also want to support them to be successful at inspection. Both of these aims should be compatible. We also recognise the synergy between the current Ofsted and SIAMS frameworks and want to help school leaders plan their developments efficiently and effectively without creating additional workload.  

We support schools by:

  • Attending Ofsted feedback – an officer or director will attend your Ofsted feedback. Please let our office know as soon as you are informed of inspection 01522 504010 so we can arrange this for you
  • Reflecting priorities from the inspection framework and Ofsted research reports in our professional development programmes e.g. curriculum planning in RE or support for school leaders and governors
  • Helping leaders marry Ofsted and SIAMS priorities in their school development work. Officers have a good understanding of both inspection frameworks.
  • Helping leaders to accurately self-evaluate and identify priorities for development.
  • Working with leaders to respond to areas for improvement identified through inspection
  • Sharing, through leadership and governance updates, our understanding of inspection outcomes and common areas for development across our diocese
  • Celebrating outcomes and offering pastoral support

Link to Ofsted framework Schools inspection handbook for September 2022 - GOV.UK (

Link to Ofsted research reviews Curriculum research reviews - GOV.UK (