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Maintenance & Insurance


Voluntary Controlled (VC) and Voluntary Aided (VA) CofE schools are “maintained schools”. The Local Education Authority delegates the budget annually and this is where funds for maintenance come from.

CofE academies similarly have a Funding Agreement like any other academy and will pay for the upkeep of the school from that.

Insurance (land and buildings)

VC schools are treated no differently from other maintained schools for insurance. Employer’s liability, Public Liability etc are all included in the LEA’s school insurance policy.

The governors of VA schools are responsible for the school buildings and site (but not usually the playing fields). As with capital expenditure, the Education Funding Agency expects to pay 90% of the cost of insurance of land and buildings, and this is included in the general budget. Some LEAs simply pick up the whole bill (Lincolnshire does this) but others will leave a gap and VA schools need to arrange a separate policy (this is the case in North Lincolnshire).

There are no CofE VA schools in North East Lincolnshire.

CofE academies, like other academies, cover the insurance from their budget.