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Lent and Easter

ABYYT - Pilgrim Pathways

The Archbishop of York Youth Trust has produced some amazing Lent resources for you to use and adapt for FREE

Many Christians use the time of Lent for reflecting on their faith and the Easter story. Some people choose to go on a pilgrimage, a walking journey that gives them space to reflect and think about their relationship with God and how they can follow Jesus’ example and be loving, giving and compassionate to the world around them.

With 6 weeks of content, Pilgrim Pathways will take pupils on a pilgrimage journey through Lent, looking at 6 different items that are important on a walking pilgrimage. Each week will focus on a different item beginning with a lamp and followed with a map, first aid kit, walking stick, shelter and finally food & drink. Pilgrim Pathways will help pupils explore how these items symbolise ideas that can help them when facing challenges in their personal life journey. They are designed to encourage reflection and practical actions that can support pupils’ wellbeing and happiness.

Download here

Rule of Life: Lent

On the back of their Advent resources the Diocese of Leeds have produced some excellent Lent resources for Collective Worship


IMAGINOR - Journey to Easter

Reflections through art on the events of Holy Week  

Inspired by paintings from the Ethiopian artist Nebiyu Assefa, this pack offers children and their families new and creative ways to engage with the story of Holy Week and Easter at home. You can download them here

Diocese of Guilford

Please find Lent and Easter resources from the Diocese of Guilford here


Diocese of St Albans

Ryan Parker (RE and Christian Ethos Adviser, Diocese of St Albans) has very kindly provided the following resources:

‘In conversation with…’ series – support for thinking about collective worship

The ‘In Conversation With…’ series presents interviews with experienced practitioners in the world of collective worship. Supplementing each video is a ‘top tip and take-away’ resource, providing think-pieces, signposts and questions to reflect on in school.

The first two on ‘Spiritual Development and class-based worship’ (Elisabeth Sutcliffe) and ‘Purpose, structure and variety in school/class-based worship’ (Helen Matter) can be found here: New videos will be uploaded regularly – one on ‘Godly Play/Storytelling’ and ‘Connecting the jigsaw: CW Monday to Friday’ will be uploaded shortly.

Journeying with Jacob

Last year, we offered the ‘God in this Place’ suite of collective worship resources to diocesan schools. Over five weeks, diocesan schools explored the narrative of Jacob’s dream in Genesis 28: 10-22, reflecting on the themes of ‘Journeying through life’, ‘Dreaming’, ‘Promises’, ‘Worshipping’ and ‘Journeying with God’.

To support schools in their worship offer at this time, the resources have been reworked into ‘Journeying with Jacob’ to support bubble/class-based and remote/home worship. For each of the five weeks, schools have access to:

For bubble/class-based worship

-          A professionally filmed ‘VLOG’-style video, which introduces the theme for each week;

-          Collective worship plans (three per week) - for primary and secondary;

-          Class-based worship ideas.

For remote/home worship

-          A ‘VLOG’-style video, which introduces the theme each week;

-          Discussion questions based on the theme;

-          Home-based worship ideas

The following document contains links to all of the resources:

Calendar of Kindness

Kindly shared by the Diocese of Guildford:

Traditionally, calendars are only for Advent, but Guildford are introducing an online Calendar of Kindness for use during the season of Lent. Because Lent starts on the Wednesday during half term, they have started this calendar from the first day back after half term with the story of Jesus in the desert. The calendar covers some of the events of Jesus’ ministry & life over the 3 years between Jesus’ temptation and his Resurrection.  The calendar runs to the last day of term, so you celebrate Easter a little early.

Each day there is:

  • An image relating to the theme
  • A Bible passage if you prefer to read the story
  • A video of the Bible story
  • Some wondering questions
  • An act of kindness to do that day.

We know that many schools used the online Advent calendar as the basis for collective worship each day, this may save quite a bit of work planning collective worships for the whole half term. 

See below for the calendar.