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Faith at Home

Faith at home includes Collective Worship resources for secondary and primary schools.  See there resources here

Soul Survivor

For a daily dose of inspiration and relevant and practical Bible Teaching check out the Soul Survivor YouTube Channel (Link to where Mike Pilavachi and Andy Croft share a 5-10minute podcast- it's called Take Heart, and it’s a really good!


Youth for Christ

Youth for Christ (YFC) have great resources that can be used and adapted for schools for young people to explore spirituality. Find them here


Ready Made Plans on Individual Topics

On this page you will find the secondary school collective worship resources to help educate your pupils about modern slavery -


Designed particularly for affiliated secondary schools, there are ideas on this site for using a quotation as a starting point with suggestions for follow up questions -


Here you can find many ideas, and assemblies with a  dedicated secondary section that can be used and adapted for collective worship -