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Lincolnshire Agreed Syllabus: Key Concepts

The compulsory units on the Lincolnshire agreed syllabus for RE focus on Christianity and Islam at KS1, Christianity, Hinduism and Islam at KS2, and Christianity and either Hinduism orn Islam at KS3. 

The Diocesan RE Adviser has produced some concept maps to help teachers understand how the core concepts in each of these religions connect with each other. You may find these useful to support building knowledge progression in the RE curriculum. 

These concept maps may be useful in conjunction with the Balanced RE approach to RE curriculum; they particularly relate to the 'Believing' (Theology) area of the approach. The 'Living' (Human/Social Sciences) and 'Thinking' (Philosophy) areas of the approach will engage with these core concepts, considering how they relate to the lived reality of individuals and  communities, and how they shape the thinking of individuals and communities.

For more information about teaching core concepts in RE, please contact the Diocesan RE Adviser at