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Exemplar RE Curriculum Plans – Primary and Secondary

The new Lincolnshire locally agreed syllabus for RE comes into effect in September 2018. It includes a mixture of compulsory and additional units of study. Schools must include teaching about Christianity and Islam at KS1, Christianity, Hinduism and Islam at KS2, and Christianity and Hinduism or Islam at KS3.

It is crucial that schools carefully consider how they are going to implement this new syllabus. Recent reports (e.g. Ofsted 2013, National Society 2014) have identified the negative impact that a ‘scattergun approach’ to RE curriculum design has on pupil engagement, progress and attainment. The exemplar RE primary curriculum plans below have been designed to be compliant with the new Lincolnshire agreed syllabus for RE. They also ensure that pupils are receiving a balance of believing (theology), living (human/social sciences) and thinking (philosophy) through the curriculum, as well as making sure that they are continuously building on prior learning.

If you would like the Diocesan RE Adviser to produce a bespoke curriculum plan that reflects the context of your school (e.g. mixed-age or cross-phase classes), please contact her at