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Ex-Officio Vacancies - the process to appoint a temporary Ex-Officio

Do you have a vacancy for an Ex-Officio?

Some incumbents are not able to be the Ex-Officio Foundation Governor, for example – if they have a large number of Church of England schools in their parish, and they simply do not have the capacity, or perhaps they have retired and no incumbent has taken their place. 

In this case, we endeavour to find a temporary Ex-Officio who holds that office for up to four years, or less if a new incumbent arrives and feels they can undertake the role. 

To find a temporary Ex-Officio, we ask the person who should be the Ex-Officio to nominate a person, or we contact the Local Mission Partnership or Rural Dean. 

The temporary Ex-Officio does not have to be a member of the clergy. They can be a lay minister, a reader or a churchwarden.

It is entirely in the gift of the Archdeacon of that Archdeaconry to approve a temporary Ex-Officio appointment.

When a name is suggested, we contact the Archdeacon and seek their approval of the appointment.

If approved, a letter and certificate are issued confirming the appointment.