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Church of England Vision for Education 2016 & a Flourishing School System

Church of England Vision for Education 

There are fundamental reasons, rooted in the Bible, which have motivated centuries of Christian involvement in schooling in this country and around the world. The God of all creation is concerned with everything related to education currently awaiting content.

This vision is deeply Christian, with the promise by Jesus of ‘life in all its fullness’ at its heart.

The Church of England vision embraces the spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, moral and social development of children and young people. They offer a vision of human flourishing for all, one that embraces excellence and academic rigour, but sets them in a wider framework. This is worked out theologically and educationally through four basic elements which permeate the vision for education:

  • Wisdom
  • Hope
  • Community
  • Dignity

You can download the Church of England Vision below.


Our Hope for a Flourishing School System 

The Church of England has launched a new publication outlining its hopes for students, teachers and educators to flourish across the schools system.

Underpinned by the Church’s 2016 Vision for Education, the new document, entitled ‘Our Hope for a Flourishing Schools System’ makes recommendations including a once-in-a-generation re-imagination of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) funding, provision, training and development, wise and compassionate accountability systems for school inspections and performance measures and steps to ensure teaching is again regarded as a vocation in which adults can truly flourish and commit long-term.

The document sets out the importance of collaboration in different local contexts, particularly between schools in smaller rural areas, to ensure every child in every community receives an effective provision.

It concludes with recommendations for four leadership levels: Schools, School Trusts, Dioceses and Government, and invites dialogue and engagement across the sector to develop flourishing partnerships.


You can download the document below.