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Easter Message from our Director of Education

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We have reached the end of another busy term. You will no doubt be ready for a break over Easter.

Easter Sunday is now less than a week away. It is a joyful day when we can be with friends and family to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. If you have young children in the family, they may be excited about receiving an Easter Egg.

I visited the supermarket on Saturday and was amazed to see a long aisle stocked with Easter Eggs from floor to ceiling. There were eggs of different sizes wrapped in brightly coloured foil. I noticed a young child’s reaction when his grandma said he could choose one for Easter Sunday. The little boy was full of excitement and seemed overwhelmed with the choice.

I wondered though if the child realised the significance of the Easter Egg. Did he know what the egg represented? The egg is symbolic in many ways. Of course, we know it represents new life. Some say the shape is like the large stone at the entrance of Jesus’ tomb. The brightly coloured gold foil could be said to represent the joy and celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. Jesus died for our sins and then rose again. Life triumphs over death!

On Easter Sunday, the churches will be decorated with flowers and the sombre purple of Lent is replaced with celebratory white or gold. There is a real party feel to many services with uplifting music and joyful praise.

I hope you have a wonderful and joyful Easter.

from Canon Paul Thompson, Diocesan Director of Education