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Thought For The Week - 15-05-23

26. Do you recognise the needs and gifts of each member of your family and household, not forgetting your own? Try to make your home a place of loving friendship and enjoyment, where all who live or visit may find the peace and refreshment of God’s presence.

Advices and Queries, Quaker Faith and Practice

May 15th is International Day of Families.  The above quote is from Advices and Queries - the bare bones of Quakerism, in written form - recognising the fundamental importance of biological and found family. 

Recognising, as well, that we all have unique gifts to bring - all of us.  It can be hard to remember this, when self-doubt and lack of self-confidence attack us - our gifts are then often better seen by colleagues, friends, and family.  My grandfather was a headteacher of primary schools, he was gifted in drawing out pupils’ potential l, encouraging their aspirations.  His was a deep Christian faith, where the Kingdom of God could be seen and made by all.

The uniqueness of our gifts is beautiful, an outworking of what we have been given by God.

The follower of Jesus is to discover and then promote the Kingdom of God. That Kingdom has two tenses: it is already here, in each one of us; and it is still to come, when God’s goodness becomes a universal norm. We are to live now ‘as if’ the Kingdom of God were already fulfilled.

Peace begins within ourselves. It is to be implemented within the family, in our meetings, in our work and leisure, in our own localities, and internationally. The task will never be done. Peace is a process to engage in, not a goal to be reached.

Sydney Bailey, 1993

Quaker Faith and Practice 24:57

We like to remember our church school family, too - coming together for Church Schools’ Festival, drawing on the expertise and support of the DBE team, looking to one another for help.  Asking for help is recognising the gifts of others.

As we try and make our environments ones of loving friendship and enjoyment, where God’s goodness becomes a universal norm, we can draw on our families - their gifts, and ours, to promote the Kingdom of God.                                           

from Ellen Cross, DBE Administrator

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