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Climate Change, Polynesia and our part to play!

At the end of August this year the Diocese ran a conference around climate change and the environment, it was held at Lincoln University with key academics from across the globe. As part of the conference there were visitors for the Diocese of Polynesia, students who are trained in dealing with and training others in the devastating affects of climate change in Fiji, Samoa and Tsonga.

As part of their time in Lincoln they visited some of our secondary schools. We had a great time with Year 9 students from William Lovell and William Farr, learning about how climate changes affects Polynesia, opening the eyes of students to a global perspective on the subject! Students were then tasked with a challenge, what could they do? Students devised creative ways they could make a difference individually, in their school, nationally and globally. We had amazing future inventors talking about solar panel cars and we talked about school councils looking at schools becoming sustainable. One group of year 9 students from William Farr wrote this poem:

Banning plastic straws

It was a good idea

Now we need to get more plastic

Out of here


As Humans we are lazy

It’s driving creatures crazy

Take your rubbish off the beach

Keep it out of turtles’ reach


We could get our power from wind turbines

Instead of using coal from out of mines

We have solar panels to produce our power

That produce electricity hour on hour


If we recycle

We will help the life cycle

Making the world better for the next generation

Helping God’s wonderful creation


We can help by raising money for charity

Buying supplies like candles to bring clarity

Helping those in need

And using the money to feed


Try and walk to school

And it will make the planet cool

Don’t kill bees

And plant lots of trees


At car boot sales you can get rid of your old things

Put your old clothes in a recycling bin

Nothing goes to waste in a charity shop

Help out charities and get a new top.


Cars, buses, trains and boats

It would be more sustainable to ride on goats

Electric vehicles would be best unless

You want the planet to go into cardiac arrest


Animals are dying

Humans are lying

What should we do

That’s up to you

What is the solution

To stop pollution

Start with something small

And change it all

In the afternoon we then had a service, and led by the Bishop’s Chaplain we looked at what the Bible says about the environment, and a Christian’s part to play. 

Throughout our time in schools we were also fortunate to have some cultural song and dance from our visitors. All in all it was a really amazing time, that left a lasting impression.

As a Board of Education we are looking at how we can sustain our links to Polynesia and expand them to reach many schools. We are also looking at the part we can play in becoming more sustainable , and how we can support schools in this journey. Look out for more details!