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Lesson & Activity Ideas


BBC Bitesize - Match to the National Curriculum

Vicky Matthews, LAAT Schools Effectiveness Advisor, has put toghether this grid, matching the Bitesize content to the NC, and highlighting discrepancies:


Oak National Academy - Summary 

June Richardson, LAAT Schools Effectiveness Advisor, has put together this summary of the above:



Collated by Karl Duke (@KarlDuke8 on Twitter) - a resource for schools linking picture books with Christian values:


Free Daily Activities - Schedule

Click here for a schedule of daily activities for kids (and their adults)!


Various Resources - padlet

This padlet contains links to resources which have been offered freely by organisations to help at this time. There are also contributions from our own DBE and LAAT teams. If you have further ideas or suggestions of useful materials then please add them and our administrators will authorise them as soon as they can -


Tell Me a Dragon

You or your children might already have come across 'Tell me a dragon' (suitable for children aged between 4 - 11).  It shows a whole range of activities - not just English, but art and nature activities that you can do in the garden or on a nature walk. Children can collect pebbles and decorate them as dragon eggs, then build 'nests' outside for the pebbles to sit in. English wise they can design their own dragon and write an explanation text etc. 

If you click here there are some resources, including some ready-made teachers notes that you can get on line also.

Here are additional ideas linked to dragons in general, if interested.