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HTPM and School Improvement Partner Service

To book either of these services, please complete the booking form found  here, and return to Tracy Smith -

This form also contains more information about the specifics of our services.


Headteacher Performance Management

Governors are required to carry out the Headteacher performance process which must be supported by an external adviser.

Diocesan advisers bring experience, specialist training and familiarity with the church school environment to the task. They support the governors to evaluate the Headteacher’s progress against last year’s targets* and set new SMART targets which will bring about school improvement and professional development for the Headteacher.
The professional adviser will carry out this process in accordance with the DFE “Teacher Appraisal and capability model policy” (2012) and “Effectively Managing Head Teacher Performance” DfE April 2014.

*Please note the targets will be reviewed taking into account the coronavirus lockdown and the restrictions in place at school.


School Improvement Partner Service

A Senior Diocesan Officer will provide school leaders with the robust support and challenge they need to drive their school forward. The focus for the programme will be aligned to the school’s key priorities as detailed in the School Development Plan. School leaders and governors will receive detailed constructive reports with clear recommendations for future development.